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manufacturer of dietary supplements.
It is a place where medical knowledge
meets responsible and efficient business.

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About us

INV POLAND, czyli...

Pioneers and visionaries

A pioneer on the dietary supplement contract manufacturing market, the own brands of whom receive the most important awards in the industry.

European business standards

Reliable business partner focused on efficient cooperation for more than 150 brands from Poland, Europe and the United States.

Knowledge, business and passion

A unique group of enthusiasts composed of scientists and businesspeople.

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Our offer

Our offer

Our offer encompasses three areas of business.
Each of these shall surprise you with a quality level you have
never before experienced. That we can guarantee.

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Comprehensive care

that will profit with trust.

We produce custom made dietary supplements as ordered by a Client. What we offer is much more than just standard service. We have full faith in the highest quality of our products and we take serious responsibility for them. Production of custom made dietary supplements is more then just profession, its a passion.

Our services include:

  • Production of dietary supplemets,
  • Suggestions of individual product compositions,
  • Legal care,
  • Branding,
  • Manufacturing,
  • Packaging,
  • Registration with the Polish General Sanitary Inspector,
  • Logistics and guarantee of swift delivery.

We support our customers with professional advice at each stage of cooperation. Our customers can rely on the highest quality of the product they receive and on the relevant manufacturing processes.

+ We are available to you at any time with professional support in problem-solving with our corporate brand.

Contract manufacturing

of world-class dietary supplements


We are a reliable partner for more than 150 brands from Poland, Europe and the United States.


Since the beginning of our activity, our dietary supplements are manufactured according to HACCP certification. Since the year 2014 we are GMP- and GHP- certified.

In-house brands,

which have already received the most important awards.

We develop in-house brands of unique quality, such as Essensival Phosfolipide. The product was awarded the 2012 edition of the medal in the category „Consumer Laurel – Discovery of the Year“.

Find out more about the brands we have helped develop and of which we are particularly proud.


Our products


Developed to be your partner in healthy nutrition. Manufactured of natural ingredients in highest quality to improve the functioning of your digestive tract.


composed of scientifically developed active plant extracts. Naturally stimulates the breast tissue. In this way, uppStyle helps you to achieve the form and fitness of the breast you wish to sport.


Dietary supplement containing 500 mg of natural, 100% shark liver oil, with:
– alkyl glycerol
– squalene,
– unsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids: EPA, DHA,
and vitamin D3.


Is a completely natural product containing mussels with a unique compostition of ingredients

ESSENSIVAL Phospholipide

Distinguished in the competition with the award of „Consumer Laurel – Discovery of the Year 2012″. A dietary supplement composed of phospholipids from soy beans, 300 mg, with cholin, enriched with L-ornitin L-aspartate, vitamins B2 and B6.

Why us?

Why us?

Because we are a responsible partner.
We continuously expand our knowledge and consequently perfect our business standards.

Business listening

We closely listen to our business partners, treat every order individually and draw up offers far exceeding standards. Thus we are able to enjoy the trust of our partners across Europe and in the United States.

Scientific ambition

We have made it our business to do contract manufacturing, and our ambition encourages us to think innovatively.

That is why we develop, together with our customers, brands of unique quality, thus accommodating market expectations.


Dane kontaktowe

INV Poland
ul. Królowej Jadwigi 257C/A2
30-218 Kraków

tel: +48 604 410 815

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