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What are cookies?

Cookies are small textual bits of information sent by the Site and stored with the user visiting the Site (i. e. on the hard drive of the computer/laptop or in the memory of a smart phone – depending on the individual device used to visit the Site). More information on cookies as well as on the history of their emergence can be found here:

What do we use cookies for?

Cookies are primarily a useful and secure tool used to facilitate your visit to the website according to your preferences, and enabling access to specific functions. Cookies used by our Site are secure and do not cause any configuration changes or your computer/laptop/phone or any software installed on your device.

We use cookies for the following purposes:

Types of cookies that we use

During a visit to our Site, the following types of cookies can be used:

The information as to whether the relevant cookie file is permanent, time-limited, internal or external, as well as how long may it be stored, may also be obtained by using the relevant options of your internet browser – you can find out more on this by accessing the help options of your browser.

Cookie management, cookie consent

Most Internet browsers on the market accept as standard automatically the storage of cookies. You may determine the conditions of use of cookies through the settings of your browser. This means that the possibility of storage of cookies on your computer/phone may i. e. be partially limited (for a period of time) or not possible at all – and in the latter case this may impede the operation of certain Site functions.

The settings of your browser concerning cookies are important with respect to the consent to the use of cookies by our Site – according to provisions of the law this permission may also be expressed by the settings of your internet browser.

More information on the settings concerning cookies and altering them, and how you may delete these in the most popular internet browsers, may be found by clicking on the help options of your browser as well as on the following pages: